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Our post-modern age inundates us with sound bytes and video blips, not to mention all of the written words that scroll along in a daily news cycle. It's a loud world with people vying to be heard. But you only have so much time to give, so how do you decide what's worth your time? Today we wanted to highlight some reasons why we hope you will use a bit of your precious time to be a regular reader of

This blogging ministry is brought to you by the Women of the Word, a ministry of Christ the Word Church in Toledo Ohio.

re:flect-I is an unusual name, but it captures the heart behind this blog...reflecting God in all that I think, in all that I say, and in all that I do. Our intent in writing is to serve as a practical help to women walking out God's greatest commands:

And [Jesus] answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

This blog seeks to encourage women to press on in the daily trials and struggles they may face, to bolster faith in Christ Jesus through the clamoring times in which we live, and to challenge women to stand firm in holy living...all based on the truths found in the Bible. Along the way, we also hope to introduce Christ to those who do not yet know Him.

The women who write here are ordinary women who are seeking to follow an extraordinary God. May you find strength and encouragement here as you press on too. We pray that for these reasons you find re:flect-I worth reading and worth sharing!

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In Christ Alone

I've been meditating on the all-sufficiency of Christ lately.  Desperately, we try to atone over and over again for our sins, don't we?  We just want to "do better".  There are countless reasons why we want to do better, ranging from satisfying God to looking good to others.  But, in this despair we forget that Christ has paid it all.  Our merit is secured by His perfect life and perfect death in our place.  Let's not wallow in a place of insecurity; our Father loves us because His Son ransomed us!  When we grasp this, we can move forward confidently in the good works that God has prepared for us to do. Let me share with you a poem from The Valley of Vision that beautifully captures this truth.

Love, Wendy


My Father, When thou art angry towards me for my wrongs I try to pacify Thee by abstaining from future sin; But teach me that I cannot satisfy thy law, that this effort is a resting in my righteousness, that only Christ's righteousness, ready made, already finished, is fit for that purpose; that Thy chastising me for my sin is not that I should try to reform, but only that I may be more humbled, afflicted, and separated from sin, by being reconciled, and made righteousness in Christ by faith; that a sense of my sufficiency and ability in Him is one means of my being immovable; that I can never be so by resting on my own faith, but by trusting in Thee as my only support, by faith; that if I cast away my faith I cast away Thee, for by faith I apprehend Thee, and as Thou art very precious, so is my faith very precious to me; that I fall short of the purity Thou requirest, because in thinking I am holy I do not seek holiness, or, believing I am impotent, I do no more. Humble me for not being as holy as I should be, or as holy as I might be through Christ, for Thou art all, and to possess Thee is to possess all. But to make the creature something is to make it stand between Thee and me, so that I do not walk humbly and holily. Lord, forgive me for this.


Thoughts at Year's End

Leaning on our Puritan friends and their wisdom, I want to share this from Valley of Vision as we close out 2014.  Love, Wendy  

O Love beyond compare,


Thou art good when thou givest,

when thou takest away,

when the sun shines upon me,

when night gathers over me.


Thou hast loved me before the foundation of the world,

and in love didst redeem my soul;


Thou dost love me still,

in spite of my hard heart, ingratitude, distrust.


Thy goodness has been with me during another year,

leading me through a twisting wilderness,

in retreat helping me to advance,

when beaten back making sure headway.


Thy goodness will be with me in the year ahead;

I hoist sail and draw up anchor,

With thee as the blessed pilot of my future as of my past.

I bless thee that thou has veiled my eyes to the waters ahead.

If thou hast appointed storms of tribulation,

thou wilt be with me in them;

If I have to pass through tempests of persecution and temptation,

I shall not drown;

If I am to die,

I shall see thy face the sooner;

If a painful end is to be my lot,

grant me grace that my faith fail not;

If I am to be cast aside from the service I love,

I can make no stipulation;

Only glorify thyself in me whether in comfort or trial,

as a chosen vessel meet always for thy use.