I wrote not to ‘show my skill, but to declare the truth, not to set forth myself, but the glory of God.’
—Anne Bradstreet

re: flect-I is brought to you by Women of the Word, a ministry of Christ the Word Church in Toledo, Ohio in order to encourage, challenge and strengthen women with wisdom from the Word.

re: flect-I is an unusual name, isn’t it?  It was created because of our desire to reflect our heavenly Father more and more as He conforms us to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ.

While I’ve been given the privilege to lead this lovely group of women, I am grateful for the many women of our church who faithfully serve and build God’s Kingdom.  This bunch of women is one of a kind–they certainly love the Lord, pursue holiness,  and diligently minister to those in need.

As I’ve been a part of this ministry, I’ve been changed.  God is at work.  I want to share this with you on re: flect-I.   Let’s magnify our great God as He changes us through His Word!


Love, Wendy Foulke

The whole duty of the Christian can be summed up as this: feel, think, and act in a way that will make God look as great as he really is.”
—John Piper